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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March's Resolution!

Anyways March is on the way to come. I think in order to accomplish my yearly resolution, i've gotta do a monthly one. =) My first three months of 2009 theme is to run my talk instead of walking it ,and so... for my last month's resolutions... they are to...
  1. 40000 marathon steps per month. My pedometer shows that my every session of jogging involves an average of 2.5k steps vertical repeatition movement.
  2. Study study study pls. Study and do finish exercise of a chapter before lecturers enter.
  3. Write 2 songs? ya right. gotta see motivation and mood..
  4. Finish reading the book of Psalms... and share them of course!

Did i accomplish?

  1. I did 47560 steps. Oh perhaps there's once i jog like crazy just wanna get rid of my endless stress of studies and assignments.
  2. Owh yes and actually i did 2 chapters ahead. I did finish the tutorial questions and not surprisingly i know i would have forgotten what exercises i have done until lectureres discuss it in Tutorial classes.
  3. Nope. I am stuck for the verse part of just one love. It really takes time to write a song. Owh well except the first song i wrote friends for life, which was around 30 minutes.
  4. Nope. Did read half of Genesis anyways.

My Resolutions for March

  1. To praise and give a pat on someone's back as much as 10 times a day.
  2. To encounter God everyday and take devotion seriously. I'm into Lent Fasting Programme, 40 days of fasting before easter sunday, which i am giving myself a guideline to fast daily from morning till 5pm, but water is allowed because i still need to go on for my sports life.
  3. To do short notes for every Chapters every subject.
  4. To limit my gaming time for Dota and CS as long as only 2 hours per day x) that is still a lot though =.=..

p/s i know my blog is boring due to lack of phots and personal updates. owh well. It's more than an online journal for me =)

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