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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have an Apple! Desktop i mean...

Just to say! I LOVE my Desktop Wallpapar! And one more thing would like to share with you readers! Have you heard about Object Dock? It is something like Apple Desktop, All I did was hiding the Vista Toolbar and Throw whatever desktop files i have into a file on the desktop.. and there you go! Looks like Apple desktop?
Anyways, Spent my Emo day with three guys, and a TV broadcasting some lame taiwan entertainment series. Nothing much happened. Just that we went jamming throughout the whole night. Nice number of four of us! Vocal, Drummer, Bassist and who else besides me as the Guitarist.. Muahaha. =p Well and once again, i failed to complete my song cause just could not get any melody or inspiration to spill out meaningful words from my thoughts. Owh well, there is always next weekend!
And yes the awesome thing is that We had Steamboat after church yesterday. 5 bucks per student, owh well that was very worth because of the 'rare' meatballs that we could not even spot in the college.Yes fellowship is definitely fun. And finally done the Our College one day CF camp Participant Form!
Well sorry if you are disappointed to find this post very boring without any photos to feed your eyes.I had the thought to post with tonnes of pictures, but that was my old blog, in this blog i try to put in facts and general items that came out from my thoughts, and hoping people who googled it will land on it, and yea it did happen. Especially my Matric Post. BUT the thing is that people are demanding for more personal post =p you know who you are. Oh well i am trying to put myself low profile on what i am doing, but my thoughts are always on the spill on this blog. Well see how it goes...
One random quick thing to post about...
Yes my 2nd Mid semester Results, (owh yea mom i told you beforehand already!) Surprisingly! I did Well!!!! I got A in Chemistry and pHysics.... and greatz, and there goes my downfall with a D+ for Mathematics.... and add up the total CGPA is 3.2, unlike my past results 3.9 and 4 for finals. Owh well who cares, just a ten marks portion to my finals. Thank God anyways for my other As... phew* a little emo la.... =p

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