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Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Exchange Perspective With Others- John C Maxwell

The exchange principle,
John C maxwell 'Winning with people.'

Instead of putting others in their place.
We must put ourselves in their places.

The questions that we must ask ourselves after discovering our very own personalities and values,
DO i try to see things from others points of view???
Sometimes when you give someone a piece of your mind, you lose your own peace of mind.An egoistic person wants the world to know him, just him, he forgot the world is composed of others too. He will lose himself up sooner because he is not observing the changes around him besides himself, and sooner as time goes by, it is too late.
"We judge overselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by
what we have already done." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

When we fail to see things from the perspective of others, we fail in our relationship. Many people will think that being the head of a body is to direct orders and managing his body to perform well. However, if i am at a pre-election talk, i would say it this way, "Many people might come out with their definitions about leadership,but i would make it simple, leadership is defined by it's word alone, our journey will be just like sailing a sailboat together,it is not about me, every part of you matters in keeping it run, and i make sure when we reach the destination, everyone of you are a leader at the end". If the leader does not appreciate others or just putting themselves into other thoughts, then it is just like a ticking bomb in himself. Words by a leader are always ought to be encouraging and motivative, and just whether you are judging or commenting, remember to say the positive words before you enter the serious matter, "Good job and effort!"

How to make the exchange
Leave your place and visit their place

Do whatever you can to change your perspective. Listen to people's concerns. Study their culture or profesion. Read in their areas of interest. It is very true, you can just random go to your friend's house, and simply the arrangement of the furniture would determine his personality. Look at the magazines they read, the pictures they hang, and you put yourselves into his shoes, and you will realise many things that you would not know.

"when we understand the other fellow's viewpoint.. understand what he is trying
to do.. nine times out of ten he is trying to do it right." president Harry Truman.
Acknowledge that the other person has a valid viewpoint.
This relates to the principle 'respect others before you are respected". If you do not learn how to respect others in the first palce, you do not realise how many little changes they have made to you. The simple reason why i respect everyone is because the ideas and random ramblings of others did strecthed my perspective into a wider spot. and just as jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes said "Once a mind has been streched by a new idea, it never returns to the original shape."
Check your Attitude
When you do not want to exchange, you look for difference in other. when you are willing to change, you look for similiarties between you and others.
Ask others what they would do in your situation
This is a good way for both balance conversations. Something to stop someone a little ego like me to speak so much. and furthermore you get to read their mind because during these times, they are more lightly to relate it to their backgrounds and problems.I love viewing back at how the opposite reacts to my words, it is fun to study people's personality through the word we speak.. haha. How? Record your conversations with others, secretly =)
Do you automically aussme that others have a valid point of view,
or do you always believe you are right?
What might you do in the future to increase your ability
to see things from others' points of view.
Are you genereally focused on your agenda,
or is seeing things from others' perspectives a high priority in your life?

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