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Monday, February 2, 2009

How should Matriculation Improve Further?

One of the reason why i think many people has said why Local Varsities such as UM faill is because of the students who enter. The syllabus from the foundation they had taken on before entering first year in university definitely has shappen their personality before entering it. I am a student from Matriculation and i will say partly is to be the environment foundation in Matriculation.
There has always a thing that i try to change in this college, the English. It's the first annoying thing when i first appear in this college. i do not see any efforts from the administrative to motivate students to use english as the main communication langauge.Even so during College english classes, students are still learning about tenses instead of powerful vocabularies and quotes or phrases. Everyone still speaks BM here, the same goes as UM! UM was an international recognized University and till ever, and what? Students there still speaking BM? Why? Because they didn't have the foundation or effort to speak in English in Matriculation. However, i would not justify on that point because i am still not in it.
'even me, i have to motivate myself to write english essays for college article
or even BLOG to improve my english. It is a whole, totally different world when
i come back from matriculation and talk to my english dudes in KL, i need to use
the dictionary!'

Next thing is the method of teaching. I personally think that matriculation students rely too much on reference and textbooks. Everything is inside that single book, and what will the students think? 'oh, i just need to stay in the room and study the book, no need to go lectures'. (well that was me, but i manage to catch up, but other people with no motivation will fail!) STPM is different, as far as i see from my sister, i do not know about their textbooks etc, but definitely they are more expose to self research method, more creative thoughts and finding ways to obtain answers. However in matriculation? I do not really agree with it..
NExt thing is also the syllabus itself. The whole Matriculation Syllabus is about rushing it. I think that the MOE should review the syllabus or extend it to 1.5 year too, similiar to STPM. Again, people with no motivation could just slack behind and get red marks printed all over their examination papers.
Thank GOd i am coming out from Matriculation soon, 2.5 months here, but from my personal view and personalities, and contrarily to what i have said, i have gained a lot of wonderful experience here, seriously.
I am a person who appreciates Matriculation for the environment have taught me some which i could not learn back in KL, but in terms of academic and the whole idea behind matriculation, I think Matriculation programme has a lot of room to improve on. Matriculation Campus life rocks =)
By, an ordinary malaysian student

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