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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Disappointing Difference Between Malaysian's Youths 50 years ago&Today

I Love Malaysia.
And obviously by saying that, i know some of you might get the wrong opinion that i am trying to create some merriment conversation here or whatever but Definitely Not. You can Laugh at everything here, from politics till investments, Constitutinal Parliamentary Monarchy Government till RnD, even from public toilets till the eye sore rubbish sites all around, But definitely i am still hoping that youth in Malaysia today would pay some respect for their Mother Country.
Say i am Patriotic or whatever, but truly enough, many flabbergasted, unique history of Malaysia are still left undiscovered by the younger generation of malaysia, undoubtedly, is a land of mysterious appeal and charm. What makes this country different from others is its reception to different cultures, and still retaining its own identity. It is just because most of us are living in City Life and has not really exposed ourselves to the wonders of our very own country. What we hear in Cities is just about Other Countries Majestic Wonders and all the tour package, BUt NOT A SINGLE about local Destination. Besides Penang, i doubt people would have ever thought of going to explore the wonders of nature in the east Malaysia.

Then, what's the problem?
However, the most disappointing thing right now is that Most of our Malaysian youth have lost their faith in the obscure future of Malaysia. That is not surprising, it all started from secondary education. Where?

Blame it On History Education
It is all around, the echoes of sighs around the corners of the secondary students. I always think that History is a boring subject, but that was the past, in highschool, I always put History as "HIS-Story", So why do i even care about a person's Story? Yes, you get that, that sense of contempt for our very own secondary history syllabus. I blame it on the way how History syllabus was arranged. Once i read across Malaysia Education Blog, Tony.P stated that

History should be learn in a more analytical concept of teaching, with the "what
if" questions and "what will happen" after that.

THAT will be plenty of FUN! This will be a total different experience with history lessons. I totally agree. It's irrefutable true. Now i enjoy studying History. No pressure, thick textbooks, just surfing around the net with random facts, that is should how History be teached. The lack of History interest in Malaysian youths is one of the most bad impression created for them i think. In the textbooks, we always talk about british won over Msia and all the downfalls.. why don't the syllabus consist of something more fun like top wonders of Malaysia?

What I Hope?
All right, let's say if Malaysia is so bad in everything, Why are we running away from it? Why are we being so coward for it? Who says Malaysia is hopeless and cannot be changed? Look at the election last year, look at the political dramas happened over the years, it is part of the process. Why are we insisiting the idea of migrating to the west and laugh at our own beloved country? Even JPA scholars escape from Government Bond and stay back in overseas. Yes i call them cowards, Government needs Brains like them, Totally indeed. But just the selfish and greed in them and all the external unnecessary factors that mould them to belong into the country.you see the difference?!?!

50 years ago, youths in Malaysia were shouting happily over the echoes of
Merdeka shoutouts! And HOPE, that is the word that was planted into everyone's
Hearts, And what do we see today?! Nothing!

Malaysia Is not Perfect, So what?
Well if you adore singapore so much for having almost everything at world class status, then there is no doubt for you to consider of being the citizen of there, the same goes to australia or states. Well, you are just a tourist remember that, ask the locals there, then you will get the rough pictures how different lives overthere are. I love the imperfection in Malaysia, where there is always a march of hope gusting in the air. Oh yes Mamak and Pasar Malam, which part of states do you have that? =p

Shame On Us.
Just imagine this, Students of Malaysia getting abroad to study with others international Students too. And when it comes to Sharing moment, "What are the very special thing about your country" Now you tell me, what will you say? If you cannot, then better think of one now. I am not talking about the famous must try penang asam laksa, but stuffs like..

1.THE village of Wang Kelian in Perlis is the only place in the world where large-scale cave tin-mining was conducted.
2.tHE largest cave chamber in the world is the Sarawak Chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, which can easily accommodate a Boeing 747-200.
3.SABAH is home to the Rafflesia, the lagest flower in the world.
4. PENANG Free School is the oldest English school in Southeast Asia, founded by Rev. Sparke Hutchings in 1816.
5.THE largest undivided leaf in the world, Alocasia macrorrhiza, comes from Sabah. A specimen found in 1966 was 3.02 metres long and 1.92 metres wide.

Yes and where do we learn them from? History lessons, like what i have mentioned on earlier.

I am here for a reason.
Yes, God place me here in Malaysia For a very special Reason. And Thank God for this awesome place. I thank God for the free practices of religion here.I thank God for the collision of different religions here to share His Gospels.I am here to make Malaysia a better place to live in. Many people says "i want to change the world", But they could not even change their country, simply because it starts from themselves, they could not even have their own stand and allowing themselves to be so manipulative. It starts from the individuals of Malaysian youths today. Whether you want to be the History Maker? you Make the CHoice..
And that's the incontrovertible statement for myself.
Thus, there comes LYPG to pray For Msia!!!

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  1. Whole heartedly agree with you. Malaysia is best served with imperfection. A perfect country would be such a bore anyway.