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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 things i should accomplish during my Highschool.

Yes i know, i am old, well or should i say aged?
Time passes by with a blink of an eye truly, i can still remember vividly every second moments during form one.. and the history that has taken place throughout the 5 years that completely formed the person i am today.. (which i realised many parts of me needed to be changed after reading John C Maxwell's book 'winning with people') But yea i am really glad with how the life brought me into a christian life and how i master my guitar.
But i totally agree that my highschool life was not fully utilised, it was 5 YEARS time and now i am thinking that i had gained not that much experience in various field. I totally agree with this.
"We often expect maturity to come with age, but the truth is sometimes age
comes alone."
John C maxwell.

thus, the 6 things i should have done during my Highschool..
(mom if you are reading this, then you should know you should be more strict and pressuring me last time =p )
  1. Take up another language, (German? Korean? Japanese? Spanish?)- In the long term and when we enter universtiy life and working life, i believe this would have helped us a lot in terms of network communication.
  2. Excellence in sports- I was involved in marathon, but not professionally, i only started during form 3, if i did it since the beginning and focus on it and strive hard, it is not impossible to enter international level.
  3. Drop my tuitions- I remembered i did not spend much cash and time on tuition as much as my friend did. Tuition in KL is not cheap at all. Some of my friends could even buy new handphone with one month spendings on tution fees. During my form one till three, i think i spent much of cash in KASTURI, which turned up, when i think back, did not really improve me on academic, but it is more to like a friends meet up thing.
  4. Strive harder in various activities during lower secondary- I think i have tried my best at all types of activities during my upper secondary, but if i would have be more active during lower secondary, that would bring my reputation along when i go upper, which opens up a slightly more chance for positions in upper secondary.
  5. Be involved in Boy-Girl Relationship earlier x)- (don't worry mom i always know how to balance with my studies as my past results are not bad, haha) I started my first BGR experience during form 4. I truly agree with what my CG leader, Racheal said, "Boys turn into Men when they get into love life". Very true, i mentioned before that my ending of my BGR was the greatest impact and motivation for me, to reflect on life seriously.
  6. Read more non fictions book- The famous quote goes, 'books are the gateway to knowledge' I did not really see eye to eye to that, until i started reading fiction books that opened up my eyes, well perhaps our school syllabus is not resourceful enough? (in terms of real life happenings)

Waa.. then my mom would think, if you were that busy during highschool, i guess even home you would not be back that often. =p

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