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Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Songs I wrote Last year.

It sounds easy obviously, to write 5 songs and along with its melody for the year 2008. Well, obviously i do not have a solid record of it yet. Will try to do it in church this weekend with Goldwave music maker. I am not saying that I am a great song writer, or rather singer, because with just 5 years of self teach guitaring experience would not bring me to anywhere, at any level that will catch people's interest. One reason i write song, is... well let's just say i belong to that world..
wrote this for my highschool's teacher farewell.. my 1st song performing on the stage.
verse~ (G A B C)
no matter what, i will remember the song we sing
i don't know why,but u are the sweetest thing in my life,
we'll carry on,to let our history to shine
ignore the words, that came fighting into our hearts~
prechorus~(D EM C)
i don't wana say goodbye because i know that this will last forever,
even when all hope is lost,i'm there for you~
chorus~ ( G D EM D C)
Don't get me wrong,i don't live a life of dreams,
Friends for life is what we are today,
today tomorrow and forever,
when we look into the starz,
please remember the time we had,
cause that is the strength we need to move on~
bridge~ (D EM C G A )
we are history makers, growing on and on all day,
giving our best tothe everything~
Friends for life(x3) forever and ever~
~Beautiful Illusion~
the song i wrote for someone, well just to say that everything is all right, what he sees is just an illusion that will prevent him from achieving something better.
(D) walking down the mountains and found (C) himself in the long lost jungle,
(D) the night was so peaceful that it (C) kept his mouth so silently~(G)
yea (A) gonna drive him so crazy~ (B) (C)
(D) walking towards the moonlight and found out (C) his shadows following,
(D) the feeling was a little creepy but he (C) doesnt mind it yea he said (G)
and a question (A) stirs in his heart~ (B) (C)
Verse 2
Walking by the beach and realize that the footprints were by his ones always,
and slowly they were fading away as time passes by like a spinning coin,
gonna drive him so crazy~
Walking across a river and he saw his image in the clear bright water
He thought he was thinking too much so he turned his head around,
and a question stirs in his heart.
Pre Chorus
(Em) what is (D) life to him (C)? gonna think (D) it over!
(Em) how does (D) it feel like (C) ? being by himself. (G)
he has no idea why, (C) feeling lonely in the crowded room. (Em)
He (D) searches high and low (C), just to dig the (D) truth out.
(G) Many questions, many answers,(C) but it goes round and round (Em)
Just to (D) find out why oh why (C), it's gonna take forever~(D)
(C) but as he opened his eyes,
(D) and as he shared out his heart,
(Em) and as he open his arms,
(C) he realized that it's an illusion~

some random words spoke that came into a song, just with the guitar during dawn.

this world we live in
can you feel the difference
the people's path of faith

their sinful guilty doings
i pray for your forgiveness
and your light of salvation

pre chorus
you said u'll come again
for our sins and fears
im in this world doesnt mean im of this world
and the truth is

im out of this world now
with ur arm surrounding me
with all ur promises

its more than a brand new world
the first love in my life
is holding my hand
leading my path

and im out of this world now so you can
you use me
Lovely Battlefield
She was so fragile in her life..well something that drew my attention that this is something happening to everyone... so write!

Fm D# C#(D#)
you see a million of stars in your eyes,
thinking of the best choice for your path,(for your path)
Perfection is what you are of today,
catching your dreams,reaching for the stars,(for the stars)
A#m G# D#
but we know the world is complicated for us,
and i pray,that angels will be guiding you anywhere,anytime.
A# C D C
Battlefield~~, life is more than what we could see,
D C A# C
I lend you my shoulders,hoping this'll help you all the way, all the way,
you must remember,your walk isn't by yourself, friend,
i'll be there,holding your hands,we'll walk through this, together.
verse 2
If you can dream it, you can do it,
filling confidence,i dare you to fight for your rights, for your rights,
don't be afraid,for God is with you all the way,
moreover,you still have a friend like me,(friend like me)
D A# C
now we're soaring high,
D C A#
together we'll stand,
even mountains and seas,
i'll bring you fly through them,fly through them .



Our Rumah

Wrote this song for my college's pesta tanglung. But didnt work out because shortage of time. Well 3 in 1 language song. hard to sing for me x)
verse (e a b c#m b a )
Tempat ini,
bagai rumahku,
terasa bahagia

at this evening
our memories
is flashing through my eyes


pre chorus (f#m e a b)
tapiku ingin tahu, sampai bila ini
persahabatan kita akan berkekal(c#m a b)

CHORUS (e b c#m a)
aku berjanji
pada malam ini
kenangan dan budimu
sentiasa dalam hatiku

and we must know that, know that the memories
isn't gonna be an illusion
but the moments we treasure the most

aku berjanji
pada malam ini
kenangan dan budimu
sentiasa dalam hatiku


verse 2
setiap katamu,
sentuh hatiku
dan itulah harapanku.

your beautiful heart
the source of my strength
guiding me to my dreams



Well, writing just one love this song right now. Promise to dedicate a song to two of my college's friends. got the chorus part.. just waiting for more melodies to come in. Owh well! so then!

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