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Monday, January 19, 2009

Why BLoggers Blog?

Recently just joined BloggersUnited. Makes me start to ponder how Blogs and everything started.
My blogging background?man sounds like some job interview*
I first started to blog durin form 2 i think? Yea that time where blogging is still not the top form, i changed blog many times... first blogspot,, then xanga, then blogdrive, then blogspot... then now this one again. I was involved in many blog as far as i can know, starting from my Highschool's CF CHristian Fellowship.. Good to see the blog is going awesome by the currrent committee.. then XYZ DJcg blog.. which rebekah started if im not mistaken, and i was spamming all the way x).. and then now in my college, im currently blogging for college. and then now just started KLPJlypg blog few days ago..
Is BLoggin a waste of time?
I dunno wat God is trying to tell me, but past few days, 3 ppl mentioned up the topic that blogging is a waste of time.. Surprisingly, as a blogger, i actually PARTIALLY agree. I see many youths life running into a waste by blogging. I see some useless freaks which tend to use blogsphere as the place to express their bf/gf break out stuffs which lets me cold sweat. I see people blogging about their daily happenings which as if the world would wanna care about it. So wasteful of time. but how about me?

MY philosophy of blogging
Many ppl define blogging as an online journal, where u blog about ur daily happenings so that ur frenz would know what u did without referring to u, or some said blogging as an exchange of opinion. But i believe blogging is the powerful tool in the future. If you wanna make a history or change the world, i think it's possible with BLOGS. Blog is a part of the internet dun forget that. Im aiming to lessen down my personal daily life posts in my blog but public information and current world happening. I want to fit the globe into my blog. I regard BLogging as the International Classroom.
ex.There's once i blog about education system and people from other countries landed on it. why because GOOGLE. yea they link it to ur blog.
Even MAHAThir blogs! so wat ya think?

My use of Blogs.

  1. Publicity of events. - im a person with involvement into many events i think. so i need a medium to spread the word. that is blogging.
  2. online notebook- Watever i do online, i research, u dun expect me to save it in computer, i post it there, so that other people could see and exchange opinion.
  3. To gain contacts online- i see blogs as very effective to gain contacts, such as the stuffs i join recently, blogger united.
  4. Links- well and i always read my frenz blog wat.

My conclusion
WHether a Blogging is a waste of time, it all depends what u use it for. I use it to post my interest research field, during the last blog, i remember i focused much on civil wonders, which features the current tallest building etc. and i believe that can provide my readers an eye opener. Well as for ppl who blogs about their current happenings, their problem la they waste time on tat. BLoggers rocks anyways,
-i believe one group of BLOggers is potential to make a difference and spark a new idea in the community.-

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