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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Differs Singapore's Education from Malaysia's?

Presenting.. Our Country's Representative... University Malaya!And presenting, our neighbour's Country, Singapore's Representative,
National Uni Of Singapore..
JUst two pictures that will totally put your mind into the state of mentation. Of course, the reputation of our neighbour country has given us the imprint that NUS (National UNiversity of Singapore) is much better than UM (University Malaya), that's the first thing that flash across your mind right? i bet that.
Part 1

Many of us ask: ...
Are Singaporeans Smarter Than Malaysians?

Personally i think this is quite a ridiculous question. How can you measure the intellectual capacity or psychometric abilities of a nation vs another nation? You have to acknowledge the other variables that come into play. E.g. finance, sponsors, luck etc. And besides, just because there are slightly more singaporean students in certain top universities, than malay students, one cannot conclude or state that singaporeans are smarter than malays. If you think you're right, then US students are smarter than singaporeans, than english students smarter than singaporeans , and canadaians , and australians etc. you see how ridiculous this is.
Intelligence is not measured by the institution that your in, but rather the psychological and mental capabilities that you can manifest from your mental capacity. the perception of singaporeans being smarter than malays is an oversimplification.
Part 2:
Role of both Goverments.
You might be thinking, Malaysia's Student population is 6 times more than Singapore's. But again what are the reasons why only so few malaysians manage to get into Ivy Leagus UNis, cambridge oxford or wtv.. Many of us saying about going Singapore to study, while all the Singaporeans have left for Ivy Leagues.
One is to be blamed. Government. No doubts.
Better Government= Better Education system.
Examination in Msia does not prove a single thing. Talking about SPM is like a totally rubbish for me, it's just so much mind based, i have roughly look through Singapore's syllabus like, very creative indeed.very practical based, very impressive. Malaysia SERIOUSLY needs to review it's syllabus. Even the matriculation programme i am studying now, i don't even pay a single respect for it, but i took it because it is a shortcut to Local Varsities. The syllabus is so outbeaten by private Uni's foundation year syllabus, what more if we compare it to Singapore Junior Colleges A levels where all the Asean Scholars are doing it?
Silly Government just means Silly implication of technology and investments. We are so proud to hear about the vast amount of budget allocation for Education, but everything just ends up wrongly. One complicated thing in Msia is that, there are SO MANY types of educations here... in Singapore, ( as i know of) Local Unis, Junior Colleges and polytechnics. BUt for Msia, it is countless, 40++ of tertiary education centres. It's nothing to be proud of. Of course the number will increase, but the TYPES of educations here.. Matrics, local private,STPM, international private.. polytechnics.. uitms.. so many chains.. very very unorganized. The ministry must really review at this.
Singaporeans are considered better than Malaysians because of the training they are exposed to at the undergraduate level. They have faculty members from different parts of the world. Thus, they exercise higher level of thinking using evaluation and logical analysis in applying knowledge into their work. In Malaysia, college education is diluted. I cannot imagine feeding students at college level by printing them notes..
part 3:
Country's status.
It's easier in terms of financial for Singaporeans to get into Ivy Leagues and any prestigious Unis you can think of because of the amount of opportunities they get. They have Better status Universities that will give them a better connection to other well known Universities in the westerns.
Top U.S. universities like Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton have extremely generous financial aid for singaporeans because of the high status Of NUS. but when you talk about Msia best UNi, UM, i guess i do not need to even mention about it.
Part 4:
The other part.
i read across an education blog and this point is kinda catchy for me. I think it's true. Each has their pros and cons. The reason why Singapore government has been so willingly to offer Msians PR and bonus while workin in their country is the way we think.We think differently, more freely, more creatively. I believe its that way la. Asian students would walk up to the microphone and talk about some cause, not the Singaporeans.i read across this,Singaporean columnist Wong Lung Hsiang said it reflected what he heard in China that “Taiwanese are shameless, Hong Kongers are heartless, Singaporeans are ignorant”. Singaporeans are good collectively, but individually they are lost. They are Affluent, Educated, but are they really survival Smart? “I won’t say we are stupid. We are just not daring and street-smart,” commented a Singaporean studying abroad. The average Singaporean is good at academic studies and works hard, but falls short on individual initiative and streetwise qualities, relying too much on the government for help. Another Q to be considered.
BUt in anyhow, anywhere, anytime,
Education and The Working world iS as different as chalk and cheese.
All the matter the most is still yourself, bringing out the best of you!

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