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Thursday, January 15, 2009

USM-Apex University?

USM has been named the Apex University, beating out UM. Among other things, being named as the Apex university will allow USM to have more 'autonomy in finance, service scheme, management, student intake, study fees and determining the top leadership', well this is what the articles say..
Im easily manipulated i know, initially i thought of not applying because i thought i could make use of the time in KL as a potential advantage in future time, and further more my mom at home, and also my beloved church DUMC.
SO what's changed me? my thoughts?
Im just applying USM now, If i dun get, i will still be offered one of the other Malaysian Universities. Im applying architecture too in USM. no harm cause whether i get or not, pass the interview or not, i still can proceed to the chance to get into UM for architecture. Now i know my few months after Matric there's probably no chance to work cause will be so busy with applications. NItez dudes!

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