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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say NO EVIL....

It's a norm, it's a part of our lives habit, it's impactful but no one realises it.
Which type of impact? Bad impact of course. What is't?
The F word.
Owh yea it might sound normal to you.
But what's freaking wrong with the world today?! It all started from the western culture i agree,
and now it comes to the eastern ones through media and internet, it's devastating our youths' lives!
What's with the Word anyways? Does it feel so fun to curse?
Not at all i think, Im making up my stand for this correction.
Bless rather Curse!
It might hard for you to believe but i didn't use the F word even once in my life, and to mention more detail, not even 'Damn' word.
And owh ya i dont use 'Owh My God' but owh my goodness instead.
When people curse me with that F word, i just smile and reply, "God bless you dude'
and that hits him straight away speechlessly.
WHy curse? why do we make this place on earth so unhealthy?
Aren't we born to make an impact and make the earth a better world to stay in?
Owh ya and the reason why Damn is a discouraging word, it's actually a short form of saying condemn.
Its like cursing someone to HELL. and ask yourself how u know u are going Heaven anyways?
This world IS SO SICK. =(
p/s I need some movie get aways when im back in KL! sob! haha.

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