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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year Shopping?

Heard of NZX? Which stands for NiuZheXui, It's located in AraDamansara, well basically walking distance from my condo.I adore the architecture design there, quite amazed how strategic they manage to think how they design the 'mini town' Notice that the parkin space and ventilation is sufficient, and some kind of shopping concept that hasn't really tried on.
Well perhaps modern Bazaar?THe awesome modern concept restaurant. Lifestyle Store and Cafe. Owh and this place is the only place where i can find my stuf in NZX, 50% off sales, SODA, with everything still rm50 above for discounted items.. =.=* those i like ones la..
Things to do these 2 weeks break.
  1. Clean up my 'KL' Room, noticing that my College room is pretty organized, rubbish is collecting here, too MANY clothes, cause mom always bring back free shirts from Sports events or sponsors...
  2. Spice up my blog as much as i can.
  3. Finish up my Chem and Phy exercises 3 chapters ahead of my lecture.
  4. Meet up some old dudes.
  5. GO back to CFSMKDJ to see how things going on and have a talk wit the current committee.. Winkz*
Well am back,
KL/PJ LYPG blog is up Ppl!
It's still under maintenance btw.
p/s i really want a DSLR =.= cat eyes*

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