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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Summary about COLLEGE LIFE..

Recently read my Sis's blog, her Opinion about University Life. Owh ya to BloggerUnited Ppl, She's also another member of it.
YEa so it has been like one and a half sem over for college life, and this question poops out of my head, makes me ponder upon the true meaning of college life.

I sum up College life as a Transition Life.



Im saying it based on my College's environment and how the philosophy behind it manipulates my thoughts.
In a Nutshell, i think College life here rocks.
Even though as a Local GOverment Matriculation student,i personally think there's no difference compared to overseas and private students.
In terms of Maturity? I dont see the difference.
Maturity grows within yourself with how you treat and see things around you with a different perspective.
1. I see college life as the Changing Angle of a person's Life.
It's like another at the roundabout thinking which path to follow with,
Im not saying about choices for tertiary education, but which lifestyle and values you wanna take on.
Smoking is a norm in my college seriously, if you're talking about pornography, its not a taboo even here.
That's the age of college, where influence floating everywhere,
and where eveyone's maturity is on the manipulative highway.
I sum up my College life as an impactful one, but i think i could've done better to be someone i hope to be.
Many things i began to realise and aware of this year, about how everything is going into the drain.
The world needs a change and it has to be fast!

2. I've learnt to change my own personality when deal with different people from different religion race or background.
It's not being 2 faced, but it's essential if you wanna do business soon.

3. Also,i've learnt that Gaming is quite a wasting of time. Fine i do play games!
But i make sure i play creative and purpose filled games. Sims 2 =)
I dont see a meaning playing Dota or CS for long terms, what do you get behind it anyways?
If you say it's a tool to socialise with the dudes around you, there's always a more healthy way to do so.
Blogging is a way of it i believe.

4. Another thing is that i've learnt is how a planner makes a difference in you.
Not only being organized, but it really squeeze the creativity juice out from you somehow.
Tell you few sub parts in my secret planner x)
1. Year planner- and sorry to say that i dont mark's Frenz bday and all x) i rely on facebook for that. haha.
2. Monthly planner- Well, mostly i put up the targets to be done every first day of the week, which is SUnday.
3. Daily planner- i dont use this cause its just too detail x)
4. Spending Budget- Yea i record up every single sens i used x) the most only differ by few bucks la. like last month, i spent, 273.1 bucks, in this college only la.
5. Devotion notes- Place where i write impactful verses and messages from sermons and daily devotions.
6. Jogging record- since i've a pedometer, i record the distance, steps and calories i spent in every jogging schedule.
7. Notice/meeting- important stuffs to write lor~
5. and something else i learnt during college life is that we must widen our contacts, by now. Well not facebook, facebook is good to know someone, but i don't prefer it that way.
I believe this is crucial in future Uni life and working life when we need to search for people from different areas and all..

But about UNiversity Life, my sis still knows the best of course, And looks like its coming to me soon, i will make sure my first year is an extraordinary one. =)

To all SPM people, await with a exciting heart towards College life! cheers*
It's either you stand on your own feet and understanding rather falling along with other people.

I think*

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