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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Days As a Salesperson in IKEA.

IKEA- One of the greatest experience in my life..
Benefits of working In Ikea?
  1. Above average pay- RM6 per hour.
  2. EPF as much as 11 percent and also Sosco included.
  3. 50% off on any meals in Ikea Restaurant. And free milo every morning! unlimited refill! that's my world man! i spent only 6 bucks per day eating there.
  4. You'll have your own locker there.
  5. You get to wear Ikea Jeans and also its yellowish Uniform.
  6. You have your own ID card of course.
  7. Its not like workin in Shops, Working in Ikea doesnt 'trap' you in certain place, so you wont get bored, you would need to walk to the warehouse and grab some items..
  8. You get the coolest password ever, that is to enter their system and check their whole store items' stocks but at your own Id la.
  9. People there are super friendly i tell you, you really felt they are part of your family.
  10. The break time is very sufficient, you got 3 periods of breaks in total, 15 minutes, 1 hour and then 15 minutes. Morning breakfast, Lunch, Teatime.
  11. Very Very Motivational Based, i love the Human Resource Department, total 100% caring towards the workers needs.
The only thing i dislike- Their working schedule, 5 days a week of course, but the 5 days can be random, u can always discuss about it with the manager of course, but working hours are either 8.30 till 6.15, or 12.30 till 10.30, it varies la.
My Testimony.
Many many things i learnt from Ikea in the short 2 months period. Everyday to work there is really a looking forward day. Seriously. Some of the skills and benefits i manage to fish there..
  1. Gain contacts! - I met 3 Air Asia/MAS pilot, man imagine that, and i talk to them about being a pilot as long as i could =p, and also met a dude who asked if i wanted to work for his office.. and also met quite a number of Lengluis x) and there's this elder colleague by one year of my age studying in Taylors. man she's hot x)
  2. Designing and planning- One of my main role as Salesperson in Bedroom department is to Design, yes u heard that, customers bring their measurements and i help them design by fitting in Pax series wardrobes and even bedframes, everything la. The highest sales i manage to make is 11k. With just one customer.
  3. Make use of my hands- ops! i mean having more intelligence in fixing and repairing items. Or i should call it 'brown hands' because i was so expert, not bragging* in fixing up stuffs, because Ikea items are mostly ready make, and DIY types. So what we( me and my friends) do is challenging each other who can finish fixing first.
  4. Reflect the true meaning of Working Life- I know Working life is not as fun as how i faced in Ikea, during the 2 months, i label them as the happy months.Because im a part time worker, of course i didnt need to face those promotion jealousy thingy. well stuff is hard soon.
  5. Realise the Psyhcology behind a Salesperson- You need to adapt to different customers, some brags, so you need to let them be, some doesn't know how to describe, so just gotta imagine with them, some doesn't know what they want, and always change their minds, so just need to be patient la =.=

More Ideas about the working life there you can refer to my previous blog..







ANd guess what?!?! Ikea is So awesome, that people there actually called me up if i wanted to work after my matrics, so just now went around and kacau Ikea staffs and had a pretty good talk, and seems that a lot of STPM students just started there.. and they really need motivation wei. And anyways!

Im going back to work in IKEa FOR SURE!

May till Jun.. 2 months time. Cool! Pay should be around 2.5 k then. Enough to buy my Electric guitar/acoustic guitar/ DSLR camera. Choose one! ish.. everything needs money =p

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