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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MUET doesN'T reflect your English performance

K i will make this straight.
I got BAND 4 for MUET (Malaysian University English Test)
As usual im gonna spill my words out cause im pretty annoyed by it.
Phew* k this isn't wat i expected.I thought i could get BAND 5 at least.
k tell you a little about MUET. MUet is compulsary for every student going into Degree courses in LOcal Uni. The result comes out in the form from BAND1 till BAND 6,
the higher it goes, the better it shows la ur english.
it's tested on 4 parts, communication( group discussion), comprehension (reading skill), listening skill, Essay writing. and then it comes out in a total of result in BAND.
Unis such as UM has a minimum requirement of Band 3 for it's' crucial courses.
Now why im not satisfied of BAND 4...
because many ppl here think that im getting 5? because i seemed to be a good english speaker in this college? and also, because my sis got upper 5 during her STPM x).
ANd why im frustrated also is because that people tend to measure someone's english ability through MUET. well i just hope that the interview would give me another chance to prove myself if im into ARchitecture course, or else im quite confident with getting Civil engineering in UM then.
I hope i can retake the test but the next one will be in june, so basically when the result is out, it's not in time with the Uni intake. And most of the KL/pj chinese frenz get 5, so.. well i hope MUET isn't a deal to see with when it comes students enrollment in Universities.. sigh*

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  1. hey i stumbled across ur blog by random and I have to say ur blog is pretty neat. anyways, as a students who had just finished his stpm, i have to agree that muet isnt the best assessment of one's demand over the english language. im not sure if u have already re-sat for it or not, but good luck. Have a nice day! Cheers.