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Saturday, January 17, 2009

LYPG- The U Turn for THIS Generation.

The spark of KLPJ LYPG Committee
I think I made the right choice to ditch my first youth meeting in DUMC today, just to join LYPG Meeting. I didnt know how Big the Impact of the meeting could be, or rather what is LYPG, until just now afternoon. It struck everyone there, the calling to pray for Msia, for a better tml. I've just got the urge to go to the meeting, it might be an ordinary prayer meeting, but i just had a feeling lead me to it, i knew something is going to happen* can review my last LYPG publicity post*.
And it was true, it's not just a prayer meeting, it's the spark, or the born of KL/PJ LYPG committee.One WORD. Awesome.

What is LYPG?
LYPG stands for Local Youth Prayer Gathering. It is a regular prayer gathering held by youths for other youths. This prayer gathering is usually categorized by district. (Hence the Local Youth Prayer Gathering.)
So far, the LYPGs that have been are the Kluang LYPG which has been on eversince September, Kuantan LYPG and Kulim LYPG.
But The PJ/KL LYPG is something new which will be going on in the KL districts.The whole concept of LYPG is to gather youths(locally) together to have a consistent prayer group, praying for the nation.
The 1st PJ/KL meeting was in Kuantan, then BersatUNITE in KL, then at last, 3rd which is just now, in PBC. (People's Park Baptist Church). now with KLPJ LYPG team and other 3 teams, Together they are under MYPG ( Malaysia youth Prayer Gathering). Every saturday 12pm, is the time where we start praying for Msia together in one voice.
The CALL has been SOUNDED…will you ANSWER it?
We NEED to gather and unite youths from all CHURCHES, and when i mean ALL, it's ALL!!!
What i think about LYPG?
It's awesome.It's like the spark.Meeting christian Leaders from different churches. LYPG doesn't have a age boundary. it opens to a whole range from secondary till young adults as far as i know. It's like a group of well trained veteran soldiers ready to go to war overhere, we are on the ride to gather more and more Christians all around KL/Selangor for one word prayer, for the future of MSIA. am REALLY GLAD to be a team with LYPG. CHeers*
p/s i really need to tell my church about this. Cause im the only one from my church, and DUMC needs to KNOW it. Cause It's BIG. I mean both BIG.
ANd the following is a short clip to know about it.

or you can click by the link beside.
owh ya and im the one that is going to start off KLPJ LYPG blog. =)
MSIA! here comes the History Makers!

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