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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Floating Cities- Lilypad by Vincent Callibaut

Ever wonder if we are still occupying land after centuries amid of mother nature's global warming and the rising of ocean level? .
''According to the less alarming forecasts of the GIEC (Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate), the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). The international scientific scene assets that a temperature elevation of 1°C will lead to a water rising of 1 meter. This increase of 1 m would bring ground losses emerged of approximately 0.05% in Uruguay, 1% in Egypt, 6% in the Netherlands, 17.5% in Bangladesh and up to 80% approximately in the atoll Majuro in Oceania (Marshall and Kiribati islands and step by step the Maldives islands).''
worry not, cause the weirdest idea ever thought is on the way to reality. with many more interesting features behind it.
Thanks to Vincent Callibaut, a belgian architect, who named the project LILYPAD, A floating ecopolis for climate Refugges. I think he is the first person who changed my view about architects, i only see architect as putting the top form of creativity into the world of designing buildings, and put them to reality, but in this form, he taught me that architect can be like civil engineers, about thinking solutions to everything.

His Idea?

I dunno if he started this idea by how i might think. My idea is that he manipulated this idea from the idea of cruise.
The largest cruise present is the Freedom Of The Seas.(not the pic above)with the capacity of 4370 passengers. Under Royal Carribbean International. I willl post up world's top 5 largest cruise soon* back to the topic, i think Vincent's idea was to put cruise at large scale, a GIANT cruise that is self sustainable in any form for it's population, and the size of hundred thousands population.

Seriously,Where did His idea come from?

''The floating structure in « branches » of the Ecopolis is directly inspired of the highly ribbed leave of the great lilypad of Amazonia Victoria Regia increased 250 times. Coming from the family of Nympheas, this aquatic plant with exceptional plasticity was discovered by the German botanist Thaddeaus Haenke .


SO what so great with LILYPAD?
at a first glance, we will think the first question, it's target is to sustain a population on an isolated island forever, and where does the power came from? One great thing about LILY PAD is that, It reached a positive energetic balance with zero carbone emission by the integration of all the renewable energies (solar, thermal and photovoltaic energies, wind energy, hydraulic, tidal power station, osmotic energies, phytopurification, biomass) producing thus durably more energy that it consumes! True biotope entirely recyclable, this floating Ecopolis tends thus towards the positive eco-accountancy of the building in the oceanic ecosystems by producing and softening itself the oxygen and the electricity, by recycling the CO2 and the waste, by purifying and softening biologically the used waters and by integrating ecological niches, aquaculture fields and biotic corridors on and under its body to meet its own food needs.'' Then you go wow =.= quite true i just realise, because this thing floats on the sea, meaning it's capable of generating renewable energy sources from all natures, solar panels, wind turbins, tidal turbines.. and food is grown in greenhouses concept. wow.


Then wat so bad about LILYPAD?

You talk about BIG stuffs, and something no one did before. Where's the money and technology to start off this project? If someone is going to invest into this project, then i think that sum would be a large scale at some like saving the earth project. and furthermore i dont think we dont have the technology to support this project, even though we have, we need a super dedicated, large space for this to put on sketch. but this MIGHT be the key of survival to nations in the future decades, something worth to try on!

I regard this project as' the biggest and fastest'

This kinda reminded me about Atlantis..

It looks like some UFO invasion or wtv.. giggles*


Question to Ponder...

SO architect have thought of ecopolis on the sea.. why not on the sky..? I remembered reading Doraemon, with the author's imagination, that Doraemon built building on the sky. He did it by putting the cloud into Frozen state. Well, who knows what technology we have in the future? It's not impossible alrite!

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  1. a concept so unbelievable yet,quite arousing which needs to be brought to reality soon considering the rate at which sea levels are rising.