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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February's Resolution...

First of all...
Happy NIU Year!
Happy NIU Year! Happy NIU Year!
Happy NIU Year!
Happy NIU Year! Happy NIU Year!
Happy NIU Year! Happy NIU Year!
What else? that best thing during CNY. And there goes the echos of the muslims..

All in all, i almost got sorethroat from these wonderful treats! awesome peesome!
But i didn't really eat that many varieties!! Pulls hairs*
The reason why my blog froze for couple of days...
I was back to my hometown, Sitiawan, house without internet service.
And truely, my hometown is a place for CNY.sadly, dont really see all cousins this time.
And Truly enough, Sitiawan's got RICH firecrackers SHOWS. Not like PJ or KL..
I think because there easier to smuggle in those stuffs, so like everytime, you get to see at least
4 big fireworks all around. and sadly, rarely gamble this year.
Why? recession year ar? =p
Anyways February is on the way to come. I think in order to accomplish my yearly resolution, i've gotta do a monthly one. =) 2009 resolution , and then now this post for the monthly ones.
  1. 40000 marathon steps per month. My pedometer shows that my every session of jogging involves an average of 2.5k steps vertical repeatition movement.
  2. Study study study pls. Study and do finish exercise of a chapter before lecturers enter.
  3. Write 2 songs? ya right. gotta see motivation and mood..
  4. Finish reading the book of Psalms... and share them of course!

Ninety percent of the art of living consists of getting along with people you canNOT stand.

samuel Goldwyn

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