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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Exam is just like a Ping Pong game...

It's exam phobia time!!!
man exam in like wat... 4 more days? and im like super chilling,
i studied finish yesh, but i just cant find anymore exercises to practise, reference books do finish edi, but the more i look at my frenz study the more i panic pulak.
Well am going to stay overnight in church tml!
cant wait!!
its just like a two night vacation. Comfy place to be..
can hang out in the mamak till 3 am with our books and along the teh tarik. lol.
And i shall be back on the 16th. and have a two weeks break with CNY arriving.
Am expecting lesser Angpow =.=" recession year on ahead.
Shall use it for part of my new guitar, and will give some to my mom..
anyways! Live life LOUD!

Stuffs to do..
1. Study study study...
2. UNderground Cf one day camp preparation
3. Write a new song for someone... WHich takes up time =.=
4. Write new entry essay for my college english article
5. Type answer scheme for my college math quiz
I miss DUMC, i miss everyone there, i miss the hot chicks there, i miss the endless talking dudes there, miss everythin how i experienced there =)
p/s am updating with stuffs happening in Isreal, Star newspaper isn't always something that can't be trusted, online information still the best =)

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