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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DUbai-City Of Wonders

First of all, im having tonnes of fun browsing through different architecture marvels through net. Which some doesn't even seem real to me obviously. And kinda met this quite a number of new frenz who are studyin architecture recently, Is God telling me something?.
I label Dubai as an overated place. =.=. There are like countless wonders in DUbai, almost every project there is so specific detailed designed. I was looking up for facts and figures of the project in DUbai but just cant find. ANyone would like to help? I mean figures like, currenlty how many architecture firms and experts are working there? and the allocation of money for each project.
What does DUbai have currently? (i wont go in detail cause it will take the whole day =p)

  1. Burj Al-Arab. World's only 7 star hotel with breaking 4 world records i think, if im not mistaken la. I posted it my old blog.
  2. Burj Dubai- World's upcoming tallest building.
  3. DUbailand-Largest Amusement park
  4. Hydropolis-World's first underwater luxury resort
  5. The World Islands: man-made islands in the form of a world map
  6. Dubai Mall: largest mall in the world
  7. Ski Dubai: largest indoor ski resorts in the world
  8. Palm Islands: palm-shaped man-made island
  9. World's Longest and Tallest ARch Bridge
  10. Dubai's Sports City
  11. DUbai's WaterFront

    What i want to know next?
    I googled them of course, and soon or later i will post one by one i think if i have the time.. But now im more interested to know how the whole DUbai Runs? owh goodness, it's like they are building wonders. But.. how to managa them? i want to know how is the human traffic like.. the labour force.. statistics and figures of machines, firms, companies, and architects involve.

P/s goodness only if im an Architect to figure out...

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  1. DUBAI’S rapid expansion in recent years provided jobs for millions. But the global financial meltdown has abruptly ended the dream for many people as more and more firms sack staff to cut costs.

    I think Dubai is gearing up to bring in the Olympics to the Middle East for 2012 from London. Or else why would any country splash so exorbitantly on an opening ceremony. I think Dubai has started to believe that it has the financial muscle to stage the games in a better way compared to recession hit UK.


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