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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dichotomy between 21st and 20th?

Was reading James Martin 'The meaning of the 21st century'
Something i can't help but to agree with him, His book is awesome,417 pages of facts and evidence filled statistics ready to show you how everything is different from last time.
Dichotomy is one of it.
Many of us think that when the world war 2 was over, global violence isn't an issue anymore.But it's still the same, just that many of us didn't see it.
It's more like the 3rd world war, cold war i mean.
In the 20th century, Wars everywhere are the one haunting us down.
Countries with massive military power are on the rage for even more, while the weak ones just have to be the bottom of all.
But now, it's still the same,
IN this 21 century, the dichotomy is so extreme that no one sees it.
In the stronger countries such as uk and states, it will be a time of great increase of wealth and a massive increase in what humans can achieve.
BUT in the weaker countries, there will be a cycle of steadily worsening poverty,disease,violence and social chaos.and MOST of these are destitute nations, not developing nations.
Do you know that the half of the world's people live in places where they earn less than $2 per day, and almost a billion lives with less than $1 per day.
THen you would be thinking... then the richer countries will help the poorer ones lor.'
as easy as it says, but political issues are always the barrier to these.
If we ask what is the right things to do, there are clear, vivid answers, that is to end poverty, eliminate disease, and squalor, educate children.In short, clean up the mess,
but richer countries aren't doing much as it could be done.
It does not need a large amount of financial aid,just basic low cost actions.
And these costs to the rich nations would barely be noticed.
We talk about budget rellocation in weapon research, why not if this world can be just a weaponless planet and all the funds goes to help out these poor nations.That is impossible we know.
But have we ever heard RIch countries making a pledge to do out all they can be to help?If these gaps are still on the going,
3 major differences we could observe:
1. RIcher people will continue to spend money improving their lives, while the poorer parts of humanity live an almost subhuman existence.
2. RIch kids will have xbox playing video games full with virtual violence, while poor kids live in actual violence.
3. people in rich societies will strive to live long vigorous lives, but the poor ones have short, brutal lives ruined by AIDS, warfare, political anarchy. They are the ones sturuggling to live more than 30 years.
So have you ever thought how lucky we are?
Have you ever thought that your few cups of starbucks could be someone's treasure to survive for one week's food needs?
Think again how much difference we can make..
p/s I was thinking... ppl talk about UFOs and all, how they existed and all, have you ever figure out perhaps they are the 'future us', and technology became so advance that we can go back to the past, time travel, then perhaps pyramids are built by the future us. im talking about 5000 years later us. haha. I think it could make sense.
p/s exam in one week's time! not feeling anythin not because im smart, but exam borin edi la =.=

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