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Friday, January 9, 2009

Blog Freezing.Upgrade phase 1*

Am in some cybercafe in Masjid Tanah here, staying overnight in church,
Gotta online to do some urgent stuff, so* mom just incase you are wondering im gaming here no im not =)
hate this place,yea one of the reaons i dont like cyber cafe because many youths tend to waste their time here, well some few hours a month is alrite, but the moment i walk into this room, i can see how different people can think cybercafe as...
.Anyways, am temporary freezing this blog for a while till i get back to this, for a week?
need to renovate it.New skins etc and new widget..
recently joined blogger united,got to know it from my sis, seems to be an awesome stuff for me,
hope it wont get boring like plurk.. My blog is still boring i know, Not really me right?
Wait till i get back to it!
BTW i think this is BIG.

Heard that? im goin for sure anyways caues i will be back for sem break! =) and to Ex and current SMKDJ CFers rockers! And my dear CG members, make sure i see you alrite, cause this is the the firts and ever! .
Anyways out and away! winkz*

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