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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just so you know, i went out with Wen Ann to OU few days ago, and just something that triggers my sense of posting something which i wanted long ago. SHe unfolded the topic at first, we were talking about BGR- Boy Girl Relationship.. then she mentioned.. "well Highschool is so drama..."

Then that really lead me to a thought. Reminiscing back to my highschool life, i cant help but to laugh at myself.. well, my oldself. Now i see it clearly then before, how the age maturity really plays around with love life. Just as you realise, the age of puberty for guys is 15 and girls is 12. And around 1 2 years from this age, is where, most likely, puppy love or infatuation love, well first sight love la* happens. Then stuffs is slightly different for 15 til 17 years old, highschool life, where teenagers still on the rage for love but they are more matured. You dont fall as fast as earlier. But the thing is that, i think* i realise that after the age of college, the tendency of involvement in BGR is slightly lesser. Does this mean there's another maturity difference at the age around there?or people are beginning to be more particular about what they are looking for?


Why Crush?.


ANyways, life is filled with romance drama. Just i realise, and i duno why* everytime during sem break,, and when on my msn, ppl talk to me about their BGR problems.. then im like.. man everyone has it x) Im a normal dude of course, i DO crush, more than u've ever thought actually. I crush easily that's the truth, but i'd just let it go and only if it poops out so often than i will take note of her. i don't know how other people labelled my love life as, but i see it as serious. The same question i always ask ppl, so u just said... u are finding a bf/gf, or a future potential husband/wife. I think its a question that really determine how far you look into your bgr.


How my past BGRs form myself today.

From what i see myself as, there's always something to learn from the down and ups of BGRs. There's always mr/mrs wrong in the path of it. I realise that im more matured after those emo-investments in love life... =.='' hm.. well seriously, its like u understand more about social now in the way, u help other people's BGR in way. But most importantly, u know what type of personality you are looking for.
Love doesn't have a reason. True?


Partially agree and not agreed. Most of my coursemate replied to me, love ar, got feeling then it's the spark of the love life edi wat, what else? if you can say that, meaning that almost every guy u can fall to! because u just need feelings! Im very particular about this, i see personalities as the core value that attract my attention first. so, personality is the reason! as easy as that.

My type?


Some of my besties labelled me as being too picky.. hmm kinda realise too.. But i just need one strong personality, that will automatically determine the others as well.. A Strong CHrisitan Girl. ANd when i say Strong, Very strong, something that challenges my spiritual maturity, and i know for sure that, as long she's with the Lord, nothing Goes wrong. Amen. and i can tell you that BGR with God as the Center is more powerful than u can ever thought of.

My time?

My college is the worst place to fish for. So far i dont see Strong CHristian ones, still what Pastor Foo said was true, fish in the church. haha.I've met some all the way from highschool, along with cf and all, and now in church. Awesome.

wait till my day comes. self smile*

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