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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Angsana 2007, Where Are You?

Was cleaning my room halfway, then spotted the EMO book. Yea my past years, past memories, High school magazines. U imagine la the scene, suddenly your surrounding became so nostalgic, like the scene in secret where everything turns back 2 years ago* lol. I miss you guys wei.

Smkdj-SMK Damansara Jaya, i will always remember as a school who is filled with dramas, personalities, rights, and enthusiastic people.
I will always remember the Silly DAtin who tried to shut down my beloved CF.
I will always remember Where i started my first strum on the guitar.
I will always remember How GOd brought me to CF.
I will always remember what the Seniors of CF reminded us.
I will always remember that i need to go back and care after the current CF.
I will always remember few teachers who gave me the motivation i needed the most.
I will always remember the Nasi Lemak, during form 2 and 3 only!*
I will always remember how my sportslife begin.
I will always remember where i stood up and forgive even got punched and so embarassed in front of everyone.
I will always remember how i got my two years of Model Student Award.
I will always remember my competition with others to gain Certificates.
I will always remember my philosophy of life behind marathon.
I will always remember to smile infront of ur enemy, *i smile during koperasi meeting with Datin*
I will always remember my suckiest ever diari design for 2007.
I will always remember the challenges Kevin gave to me
I will always remember when i truely think about my stand in life.
I will always remember the moment i sang 'frenz for life',my 1st written song on the stage.
I will always remember to honour and respect great people and admit ownself is a loser sometimes.
I will always remember to always do my homework x) ya right*
I will always remember to swing my guitar around as cool as i can! winkz*
I will always remember i caught red handed by Siva for bringing phone to school.
I will always remember the day where i met some of the most influential people in my life.
I will always remember how the busy days that form the personalities i am today.
I will always remember the hardships it takes to walk back to home.
I will always remember that DJ is filled with Hot Chics.
I will always remember that DJ as one of the best school in Petaling District.
I will always remember HER.
Lotz more to say, but bet u wouldnt wanna read, all in all, its a nice to look back at your old-self.
and realise ..

"how much you have grown up..."

The best class i've ever been, the most complicated personalities mixture in a class, the most colourful of all colours, what else? 5 Angsana 2007.
.Let me try to remember up your names... from top left till bottom right. horizontal travel.
Ken Hui, Adelene,Li Ann, Pei Fang, Quinton, Aaron, Hui LEng,May SUen, Hui Fen, Ming See, Joanne, En Tzer, Keith, Yin Mun, Rui Zhen, Joon Kenn, Abigail, Siew Ean, Hui Lynn, Kean Lee, Siti, May Suen, Azuwa, someone*, Matthew, Gabriel, Jin Huat, Me, Syazmin, May Wern. ops there are 5 more on top not in the picture. Sin Seanne, Kevin, Kalkena..Ben Kane.
.FOrm 4 pic, and yes we must gather and back in the same Class and take the same picture and exact position + post!
anyways, this is my current phone. SE F305 with the first ever wii motion gaming concept.
I like it cause it's well built in, like the furnishing material too, durable in a way, scratch proof, and its super loud stereo speaker, but lousy camera =.=...
ANd i finally got something appriopraite for me to listen to during jogging, Sports MP3 player. Like the bass, owh God thank you! Got it free from PC Fair with purchasin of other stuff.. 1Gb.
Picture/Joke of the day.

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