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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

21 Century.. Our FINAL century?

When I read Lord Rees's rating that the odds of homo sapiens surviving the 21st century is no better than fifty-fifty, i totally see eye to eye with him.
He also regards this century as the final century.

IF you see the recent recession as a big deal, you haven't know what to expect in the future, many things hidden from our sights,climate catastrophe, hidden terrorist links, the overtaking of technology and just so many things we don't really understand..
But i see one factor is going to happen for sure, And IT's HAPPENING.

Over Population.

Some country might think population is good, Man force is needed to drive the country's economy further such as China.
The world's population soared from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.5 billion in 2005, adn EXPECTED to raise to 8.9 billion a few decades from now.
You might think that is good, but when this over populated countries are striving to put everyone into new consumer class like China, The population, global warming and stress on the planet would be EXTREME.
Not only mother earth, the more the population grows, the bigger the gap between the rich and poor countries and terrorist will rise up because they have no choice.
In India, the population soared from 460 million to 1.1 billion in 50 years time.and right now, less than one indian in a hundred has a car today, imagine if everyone has a car then, speechless right?
The main Key the world must understand in this Century is to correct the situation,
first is to lower the average birthrate,
second is to achieve eco-affluence in which population growth is capable with resources available.
This may seem simple, but if the rich countries aren't helping the poor ones by financial terms,the process would be a dangerous climb i afraid.
I think that almost all of the world's population growth is happening in poor countries actually.
It's like a dying plant is producing more flowers. WHY?
Poor people in poor condition countries are expecting their children to die, so they make more children and hoping some will take care of them when they age.
In the 1980s in many of the world's poorest countries, only 3% of the women could read, and the average number of children of a woman had was 8 around there.
Same goes in US too, around early in the 19th century,average family size was seven children.
It's more obvious in our country Msia too,if you see people before World War 2, woman tended to have more children, my mom has around 10 siblings!
It's very obvious, the moment literacy is a norm in a country,the fertility rate shows a decline.
Another good example would be the state of Kerala, located far south in India, if im not mistaken, it was one of the poorest parts of the world, with average person earned 89 cents per day.
But this educator from Brazil, Paulo Freire, brought in the informal education that involves everyone, all layers of the society, from young to aged.
There were thousands of literacy activits travelled through the state, stopping to do whatever they can to illiterate people to come forward and read!
Classes were held everywhere,fields,cowsheds, courtyards almost everywhere!
and guess what? In a decade, Kerala achieved a literacy level as high as other developed countries.
So what's next? Birthrate declined?
Yes, from averagely 40 births per thousand people to 18 births of it.
In africa, it's 60 out of 1000.
Kerala is the evidence that education would definitely lower down the birthrate.
The world needs to know about it,
To know that the world's population is accelerating way too fast.

This century is a TRANSITION century.
If we can survive through this century, means that many problems are about to be overcome.
What is stored in the future is unknown.. God knows..
We need to do something, something FAST, something that everyone is doing with ONE HEART.
God, help us with this century.
p/s Im coming back home soon! I miss youth! my cg!

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  1. the world's population is not only growing too fast, but also the aging population is sustaining quite long.:P (sorry old folks)

    control birthrate..the families need to hv some family plannings! in order to do that in msia, they of course have to be literate. in order to achieve this, we should eliminate hardcore poverty and reduce disparities between rural and the urban..well that's all in the 9th malaysian plan.
    the government need to hv some policies like China then i think..