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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kicking out 08' , Greeting in 09'

Guess what im doing while everyone is screaming for the arrival of 09...
cheering with them?
lighting firecrackers?
pondering at the stars and thinkin ' there goes 08'?
guess wat?
wow so cool of me. hahha. yea i spent my countdown in college.Nothin much at all.
Well, there goes 2008 ( year of TRANSITION)
I would give 2008 a 8/10 for myself.
I did wat i aimed for, but i think i could do better than that.
Just that im not beeing keen enough durin 08 i think.
and now i shall welcome 2009, and i declare it as a (year of Achievements)
Achievement is not like any simple word you can think of,
its not like winning a price of award etc,
but i want to make it a solid work for me,
that is to perfecting everything that i have currently practised.
It's a carry on from last year which is transition year.
And i wanna sharpen what i've started last year.
Deepen the knowledge and skills that i am gripping too.
Stuffs like global economy and financial thingy.. * i will put politics aside first.
This world is too big to know of. No time to spare.
Im trying to get myself a theme. ahaha.
Well basically 3 months once. Like you can see this BLOG HEADer.
January to March=> Not walking the talk, but running it instead.
Then other three themes for the next 3 quarters not yet thought off.
I wanna set some targets too for this year:
  1. Master my acoustic guitar( im still not good at tabs, plucking and muting strumming i think im on the top form i can, owh and ya chords varieties still lacking)
  2. Sports, at least 5 international, national open marathon races.
  3. Bible,i dont plan to read the whole bible finish, but i wanna do my devotion constantly pls!
  4. I need to study hard for my 2nd semester result to get into UM for Architecture course.
  5. I wanna be active in serving DUMC, serving God's Kingdom.
  6. I wanna gain contacts from everywhere, not by facebook but by going various youth conference.
  7. I wanna repair my lacking personalities before really going after a girl x) laughz*
  8. If something impacts me, i promise myself that i will impact it back more than what it has given me

    2009 planner ready to roll in !winkz*

    My church theme for 2009.

    .Welcome 2009.
    Challenge me! shall ya?

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