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Monday, December 29, 2008

Branding Essentials

Was on the way back to college with the bus ride yesterday,
its always nice to have a pleasant view of the majestic greeneries out of the window screen,
except one thing, advertisement board. Yes they exist everywhere, all along the highway, countless. NOw i see how companies locate a huge amount of funds into the drain with unnecessary advertisements.

What's a BRAND?
NO, its not the nike logo you see everytime...
No, its not an identity..
NO, neither its a product..
So what is't?
A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization.
It's a GUT FEELING because people are emotional, intuitive beings.
It's a PERSON's gut feeling because brands are not defined by individuals, not companies, markets, or the public.
Branding is all about building the bridge between business strategy and design.
so why is BRANDING so hot?
1. People have too many choices and too little time to choose.
ex: you go to giant to shop for biscuits, there are more than 20 biscuits brands and what you choose?
2. Most offerings have similiar quality and features.
ex: you shop for shirt and you compare between puma and nike,they have the same quality, but nike has a higher brand reputation.
3. We tend to base our buying choices on trust.
ex: We get the trust from advertisements and any other publicity forms.It's how the rumours and impression affects us, by the name of Branding.
Trust is the WORD.
Trust comes from meeting and beating customer's expectations.
T = r+d
Trust = reliability+delight.
DOes a brand have value? and HOW?
the 5 ways to measure brand value:
1. Price premium
2. Customer preference
3. Replacement cost
4. Stock price
5. Future earnings
The top 5 Brand values (it might be outdated but changes wont be much)
1. Coca-cola
2. Microsoft
3. IBM
5. Mercedes
Starbucks stands at 14, no you wonder why a 12oz drink could cost more than 12 bucks. haha.
Coke's market cap value is $120 billion including brand value, but if it's without brand value, it would be $50 billion.
WIthout the brand, coke's glass would be half empty.
BRANDING and BUSINESS are just like Twins, they work out with each other but not just one alone.
Business without Branding comes to a purposeless journey, Branding without Business doesn't exist.
The main problem for many branding companies today is about the gap,
GAP between creativity and strategic thinkers.
Strategic thinkers are analytical based, logical, linear, numerical, verbal, and more down to the earth.
Creative thinkers are intuitive, emotional, spatial, visual, and physical.
One thinks straight and the other thinks in the curved path.
BUt when, IF there's a bridge connection, then there goes the CHARISMATIC BRAND.
A CHARISMATIC BRAND is any product, service or organization for which people believe there's no substitute.
Examples would be Google, Ikea, and Disney.
Its like people would rather say 'Google this' than 'search this on the net' That powerful.
I still remember 5 years ago Colgate's advertisement was so splendid that it managed to plant the mindset into its customers' mind, and people say colgate instead of toothpaste.
Even Yours! There are thousands of Brands of various sectors outside there, don't tell me you cant start one!
The basic 5 disciplines of Brand Building
1. Differentiate
MArketing changes time to time. DUring the early of 20th century, marketting is more into ''WHat it is?',
while 25 years after that, its about ' what it does' another 25 years after that, its about 'what you feel?'
and right now, its about 'WHO you are?'
People join different 'tribes' for different activities, you see facebooks as the evidence.
People are fans of harley davidson and then nike and then ferrari...
The MAIN key factor of differentiating you brand is FOCUS!
What do you want your customer to see your brand as?
Let's say it's about toothbrushes, people would rather refer you brand as just a brand name or charismatic brand?
FOCUSED->Porsche= Sports Car
UNFOCUSED->Porsche= Sports Cars+SUVS

BAD BRAND EXTENSIONS are those that chase short-term profits at the expense of long term brand value.
GOOD BRAND EXTENSIONS grow the value of a brand by reinforcing its focus.
Thats why you see during recession, China brands are actually emerging to be more globally known.
They dont chase short term profits, but they after years of branding across south east asia, they are spreading their wings to western markets.
2. Collaborate
THere are three basic models for organizing Brand Collaboration:

Pros: Easy to manage, Promise of consistency
Corns: Little choice of teams, Little ownership of Brand


Pros: Choice of teams, Promise of consistency
COrns: Little ownership of brand


Pros: Choice of teams, promise of consistency, Ownership of brand
Corns: Difficult to manage

But in reality, chains and structures of collaborative isn't that simple, and its complex, it's structured to the company's need.
. But Collaborative has always seen in Hollywood, imagine a movie which takes 100+ different roles and actors to accomplish it.
Joint work force is always the key factor in any companies, but specialization positions in managing branding is crucial as you can see it from the aboves.
Execution is the word, the act of doing something successfully, using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it.
Creativity is what gives BRANDs their TRACTION in the world of marketplace.
But talking about creativity, many companies have the problem of it, why?
Because creativity is right brained, and strategy is left brained.
The reason why many branding succeeed is because they are ever changing, people get bored of the same thing.
Example can be from the advertisement board.
If im about to advertise for Ikea on a billboard,
i wont put up current item promotions like they do, i will just make it SIMPLE.
yellow background, Ikea Bold Blue Word, and their tagline, and their website.
BIG WORDS on the billboard.This will draw people towards curiousity.An advertisement must be simple, people look through it within an eye blink.
U need Big straight forward features in the advertisement that will draw curiousity.

HOw do you know when an idea is INNOVATIVE?
WHen it scares te HELL out of you. so to date, truly enough, how many ideas that we met really scare us out?
Too predictable= No surprise=Nothing New= No Value
TO begin it, a BRAND needs a STANDout name.
a) Distinctive
b) Brevity
c) Appropriateness
d) Easy spelling and pronouciation
e) Likability
f) Extendability
and a Great BRAND deserves a Great Graphic.

But A great Brand should have a simple webpage.
Too many websites are bloated with irrevelant information.
Turfismo- Every department wants to be on the home page
Featuritis-Inexperienced communicators believe more is better
Technophobia-Experienced Communicators resist new media.
So you compare yahoo and google, and you will see how clearly it means.
4. Cultivate
Business is a process, not an entity

A living brand is a pattern of behaviour, not a stylish veneer.
Brands are like people,
people can change their clothes without changing their personalities,
So the same goes to branding as well!

THe old saying goes to... Control the Look and Feel of a brand.
But the new concept is, influence the character of the brand,
(notice GOOgle homepage, the logo is ever changing?)
Branding is an ever changing concept from leaps of centuries, i manage to get these information from Marty Neumeirer powerpoint. But if you google up, there is a lot to be seen! =)

gosh* the longest post ever type. phew* back in college now btw.

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