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Monday, May 9, 2011

New Site ahead!

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Yeap, i thought of having a more proper place to pen down my thoughts.
Personal blog at http://blog.japhethlim.com/.


Photography Portfolio at http://photography.japhethlim.com/

Give it sometime, really need more time to develop more =) And somehow how much i hope i can just copy import all the 400+ posts from this blog =) Memories indeed. 
Have fun reading!

And thanks to all of you, faithful followers =) Comment la!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

[8/5/2011] Invest in Reading, that's why i love Nerds! =P

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Yeap, I love Nerds. That's why when someone asked me, so what's after 2nd year, i just said " i wanna be a Nerd".  Yes i wanna be a Nerd,  Then everyone was like, "you sure you can even be for a day?" ok perhaps the definition went wrong teehee! I meant, really spend more time on reading. At most point of conversation (yes i love to talk about on going issues stuffs) i realize often i lack of precedence studies to refer to, or the fact is really limited. back to the basic, we call it general Knowledge.

I went Borders, picked up the book i always wanted to buy, LKY's latest, " Hard Truths to keep Singapore Going" , fyi three years ago i read his "From third world to first world". Talking about a rising point of Singapore, i am curious to know the saturation point now though we have assumptions judged on observations. 

But well apparently Hammie Lim doesn't love to read. And i lazy to throw him one raisin at a time, so i just throw him into the whole container itself. 

So yeap, it was on the front shelf of the bookstore. Elections today, midnight already and no official result being announced yet.

Another one i would want to read too. I just realized how much i don't know about LimKokWing after flipping through in a blink. I always thought LKW is being embed in the branding of its university, but apparently LKW has done much more works and the best thing is that he could be a good local icon. Which rarely i find youths really interested into local examples instead of celebrities in God knows where..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

[6/5/2011] Defining Your Life by being out of the System.

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I posted this in Facebook. 
"The World is a system today, you go kindergarden, primary, highschool, university. More parents today wants the best education for their children. But little did we know that kids who are brought up differently, for instance, jungle, can have better definition of life compared to us. I thought all of us are just concern of being happy, or really just getting a uni cert so we can get jobs to make us happy? Paradox"
True Enough, and often i would say we get inspirations from a lot of sources, be it causes or our self evidential scenes, or even looking at celebrities with their awards and just say i want to be like her. But recently i thought of there is one greatest inspiration can get is really going out from the system.  What system? Basically the system of life, Education through the thick stages, Work, Marriage, and yea you define it. 

I see some youths today quit from University life, to really just to do what they want. Be it anything, entrepreneurs, any volunteering causes. I just realized i know quite a couple of youths today with this thought and they deserve respect because it takes extraordinary courage to step out of this system, first obstacle would be parents, for sure. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[4/5/2011] The Great Green Race of Penang & How USM can learn from it.

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I found that TheStar Newspaper today 3/5/2011 is really an interesting pick. Having around 3 green news in the Metro session and the Star Two featuring a green issue with all the nice little articles on how we can go green etc. This kinda struck me, Penang is really having all these green things coming in just too fast, which is good, and the best thing is the response is positive so far from the residents. There was no holding back to see other countries already have all the movements we have today as a norm in their routine. 

Penang Spring Cleaning Day last year, this was part of the program Cleaner Greener Penang.

I personally have a chat with YB Phee Boon Poh few weeks ago in his Office, went there for YES project purpose with my teammate, personally we really hear fascinating things (far beyond thoughts i will say) the state government exco will be pusing on later. Some of us might question that the Cleaner Greener Penang website is no longer active, but clearly because we are on the next stage already, the awareness platform is left there. The actions and news today with the headlines explains it all.

Here shows. 

GEORGE TOWN, April 30 (Bernama) -- ICI Dulux (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd will place 500 recycling bins along Gurney Drive here. The bins will be placed at every 100 steps with the first 50 bins launched today.Of the 50 bins, 40 are meant for papers, aluminium and plastic, and the rest for solid waste such as paint cans.He said the bins were environmentally friendly and could save electricity for they were solar powered contributed from LED lights.
(This is the intention i heard from Spring Cleaning Day before, YB Lim Guan Eng announced it, and yes, it really happened in the end. Every 100 steps. Economically this sounds sustainable because Dulux will use this bins as their ads as well. Have not really seen the prototype but can't wait to see them appear)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

[1/5/2011] Recipe for the Success Cake

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So it was the high pitch ending for TEDxGurneyDrive.

More than 100 participants turned out. Expectations wise, some met and some not. Networking expectation is there, but not the standard perhaps, simply because i have been always watching TED videos and i shouldn't be comparing them in the first place. This post is not about TEDx. It's something i realize.

I see all these 9 speakers coming from different background and skills, having their very own stand on their expertise. And i see the university life today, only few has, nothing wrong, definitely. Just that it takes time until when people starts their career then they really know what they want and then they start to work on their branding.

The point is that, a participant came to exchange namecard with me today, and asked if there is any more similar events like this, tell her, i was curious and she said she is from a NGO who specifically on spreading news about all these networking event so that more people could be helped to link the dots. That's the situation always, we have many dots in Malaysia but everyone just needs more linkage. 

Realizing how it all came about, i realize TEDx really harvested my networks. All the 4 speakers i invited just came from a way i hardly remember too. But the best part is that everyone just got to know and more will be coming soon. I call this a recipe for the success cake because i felt TEDxgurneydrive has interconnect different issues from different areas but all made relevance on being innovative and going for the future. That's the common link we could create for the dots. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[29/4/2011] IF I can Change the Education System in Malaysia!

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Yes its again another late night post, still in the middle of the exam week and can't believe i am actually in the exam mood because i don't. And all i could see on FB is people mentioning about books, final push, die and God knows anything that can relate to our examinations. I was googling Exam, then it came out Stress Management for Dummies. Hhahah so cute. 

In the typical context of Education System in Malaysia, it's really about books. Nothing wrong, but just books, then it does not sound right. We have a lot of books, nothing wrong too, but if everything is about books, then yeap. I still remember from my Childhood to Secondary it was all about books. But until my college life which i have found something else, i realize how my education perspective have changed rather than books. 

 Yes, you see, it's really about books. and also, Examinations, die day they call it. Then after that everyone is as free as birds and everything is back to square one. 

This is rather a random post trust me (yes because i am in the middle of exam week also!) , i just have a thought or two to spill here and i am not the education minister or whatever it takes to study education background of other countries so just take this from an easy perspective =) My 2 sens on how i would change this education system.

Stop Lecturers from Giving Notes but just guidelines
It SUCKS but it's the way it suppose to be. The rule is simple, internet is there today, yes a lot of content is available online now and also a lot of craps in there, and it's student task to search and ask relevant info in respond to the lecturer's topic and refer back to him the relevance of their researched info. There are many things we can learn when lecturers don't give notes. Really, firstly very obvious, updated information, compared to lecturers notes which is 10 years old. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[27/4/2011] Excitement ahead! Drive Slowly!

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Yea that's my current thought. It's again in the weez hours. 5 in the morning, again thinking of the excitements coming up next few months. Gonna spend a good morning later collecting my Bayer postage at the Town and some bank ins and also Starbucks 50% off =) Not forgetting study, (Owh man did i ever look like i am in the study week mood?) I've got the feeling most HBP students this semester examination is just like floating around... So let me go to the details =) 

1. Apparently Justin Bieber came to Penang and open his own Bah Kut Teh shop. HAHAHAH naa pulling your leg =P Just some random picture here. 

2. A random shopping indeed. Many times i ask myself it's a need or want. But considering i really need a good shades because i bike frequent. Well for a 95 bucks i think this paid off well enough. Polygon Brand. Cool Stuffs. 3 pairs of filters to play around with. 

3. Happy 2 months to the GirlFriend =) 
Ahh it's been a long journey it seems, to others it's like waa so fast! but for us i think we really went through a lot, and now seems exam is finishing and we are heading for semester break and looks like we are gonna be far apart =/ But well i'm sure things will get well too =) Can't wait to see what God has to store for us =) You know sometimes i wonder how i can date, study, do projects, and do this do that. I don't think it's because i'm good in time management, i think i'm a sleepless dude -___-

3. Apparently my schedule is full up to next semester start =) 
Man yea i just can't ever stop. Even when i called up my mom and said i am going backpacking and she's like "why can't you just stay at home!" Basically what's going to happen after my exam which ends at 5th i would be.attending EPCC Conference on the 6th, then 7th will do some extreme cycling, 8th will go to the RiverSpy Facilitator program organized by WaterWatchPenang, then 9-11 some school program, then off to SINGAPORE! then head up to Johor for BYEE finals on the 16th then Internship starts... on the 23rd..

And all the way till mid August with some important dates there, then i am left with few more weeks and i am currently drafting out possibilities of backpacking Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam. Sem reopens at the 2nd week of September, i have 3 weeks in 3 countries, that's quite a good timing i would say. but concern is no one wants to follow so far, i'm TOTALLY ok going alone actually, but mom still worries and it makes sense... see how then.